If you would like to take part in this year’s Epworth Show there are all sorts of opportunities to do so.  Please have a look through some of the schedules below:


 Cattle and Sheep
 Horse Showing
 Horse Jumping
 Vintage Tractors 
 Horticulture and Craft  
 Goats – Epworth
 Goats – Pontefract


Main Arena Schedule

9:30am Bernese Dogs
10.00am Tractors
10.30am Vintage Cars
11.00am Galloping Acrobats
11:30am Jez Avery
12.00pm Bloodhounds
12.15pm Side Saddle
12:30pm Lurchers/Falconry
1.00pm Fly Ballers
 1:30pm Galloping Acrobats
 2.00pm Lurchers/Falconry
 2:30pm Shires
 3.00pm Jez Avery
 3:30pm Lurchers/Falconry
 4.00pm Grand Parade
 4:30pm The Presidents Tug of War


Bus Schedule


A FREE bus is available, running from Albion Hill to the Showground and back every hour except lunchtime (12.30pm). Times are indicitive only and are subject to traffic. Delays of up to 15 minutes are possible during busy traffic times.
Albion Hill First Departure
Showground First Departure
The driver is equipped to transport wheelchairs and assist with mobility issues.