If you would like to take part in this year’s Epworth Show there are all sorts of opportunities to do so.  Please have a look through some of the schedules below:


 Cattle and Sheep
 Horse Showing / Jumping
 Vintage Tractors 
 Horticulture and Craft  
 Goats – Epworth
 Goats – Pontefract








Main Arena Schedule

9:30am Bernese Dogs
10.00am Tractors
11.00am Galloping Acrobats (1/2)
11:30am Jez Avery (1/2)
12.00pm Side Saddle
12:30pm Lurchers (1/3)
1.00pm  Jez Avery (2/2)
 1:30pm  Galloping Acrobats (2/2)
 2.00pm  Falconry (2/3)
 2:30pm  Shires
 3.00pm  Grand Parade
 3:30pm  Lurchers (3/3)
 4.00pm  Fly Ballers
 4:30pm  The Presidents Tug of War